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making sense of adsense


so adsense is all about keywords?

well there sure are some keywords that help you get better clickthrough rates and thus more cash through google. how do I know about it? well not too sure. run a search on google and you have people claiming earnings of $500 a month using there keywords.

Now my question is that say we use the so called keywords “answering service,” “business web hosting,” “consumer credit counseling,” “incorporate,” “laser hair removal,” “network monitoring,” “refinance,” “search engine marketing,” and “ yahoo web hosting” etc.....unless somebody clicks on them will I make money.

Or say you have a strange affinity for mesothelioma prognosis then you may blog about it and have people coming to your site and clicking through it.

Will this make you enough money? we need to wait and see.

Still No.1


We are still number one. And just don't take our word for it Google, Yahoo & Msn equally proclaim as the no.1 one site to explode blog traffic. It is no surprise that when we claimed in December 2004 that we were no.1 we knew we were going to stay that way and that is what is happenned for the past months.

So what is the secret behind it all. For one, it is the search engine optimization or SEO techniques that we have been using here on our site to increase blog traffic. We have maintained our status as the top blog to explode blog traffic. We have been discussing various techiniques to drive more quality traffic to your blog.

We do however apologize that we havent been able to update this blog frequently in the past, we however hope to change all that with our new techniques to not only maximise traffic on your blogs but also to earn revenue from those blogs as well.

Google Scam???


For those of you who have been reading this blog and do feel that its been a while since i have put something up here.....well you're right!!!. It has been a while since I put up something up here! I Have been quite busy travelling around Southeast Asia( we do need some blogging tips from people from that side of the world too).

By the way, I will try to be a bit more regular in my posting from now on. But before we start, i do have a request for my readers. Do you people have google serving you ads on your blog?Are you sincerely making any money out of it at all? I personally do think that this might well be the next eyeball scam of the century.

So please do comment on the above as it can enlighten me and lighten the heavy research (read that as waiting for your comments) that i am currently undertaking.

Kudos until we met on the battlefield of blog traffic.

Tsunami Disaster


More to it than meets the eye.

Click here for a reason you never thought was behind the Tsunamis

The last post was a goof off!


For those who took my last post a bit too seriously, here's what the coach is really upto

Blog traffic

We're No.1 on Yahoo. Search for "increase blog traffic" on yahoo and see for yourself

And you believed all this stuff !!!!


ok.......I cannot hold it any longer. actually look at it, what right do i have to give blog traffic tips. Have u wondered who i was and why i would be giving these tips and strategies, more importantly how i learned these so called top strategies and posting them authoritatively as the Coach ( i think that was a dead giveaway...the name).

Anyways, i have enormous hits and to top it all, links from actual blog traffic experts. As the wise men once said, the experts have a knack of missing the obvious.

For all those who actually implemented stuff written on these pages (all of those concoted over sips of coffee and trips to my toilet....) well here's wishing you the best.

When Short is Sweet


I am not a very tall person mind you, and i prefer to be called "vertically challenged" than shorty. However there's one more place where its better to be short and that is on your blog. Yep, most people browsing through blogs just look at the huge blog and they are like "If somebody had to write this much, then he/she would have nothing else to do, so this post ain't gonna be that good anyways.......( okay if not most atleast a lot..)

So if you want people to read through your posts ensure that atleast your top most post is short, so they can sample your stuff easily and if you are good......then the rest is history!

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