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How to Explode Blog Traffic!!!

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To be very frank there are quite a bit of so called tried and tested ways to increase you blog traffic, but these merely focus on increasing hits on your blog, but do not focus on the main reason why you want more traffic viz. to read what you write and keep coming back for more.

Sites such as do deliver on their hits, but sadly most of these hits stay for a maximum of 30 secs only, after which they click on the next blog to increase their traffic.
That brings us back to the topic, What can really be done? Is there a way out? How do i make myself heard above the din?

Well, here are some tips for starters.

1. Write. Write stuff. Write stuff people like to read.Most often blogs end up being abused by people who think the world is waiting to know what happens to them every second (I don't deny them this right...they have it!), however the same thing can be presented in a way that forces the reader to continue reading. Simple check! read as though you didn't write it. Funny? worth posting? go ahead post.

2. Make friends.I don't mean going around shaking hands with people and expect a sudden spurt in your traffic, instead post reciprocal links on your blog. Yes people do read others links and if you are there, people will visit your blog. Its an easy way to piggyback on some good blogs.

3. Articles!!!!Take some of your posts, tweak them a bit, add a snazzy caption and Presto! you have your own article ready. Now take that article and post it all around you (on the net please....i don't expect people to walk around with faces stuck with paper muffling away....thish is smy aaarticle!). There are quite a list of websites that do this.

4. Check your Site title and description ( I think this should have come in second in order....lets just forget the order for now)Get a cool title something that makes people go, "oooohh thats hhhhhhooooootttttttt" (if not that much atleast.......a "i think this might be interesting"). And remember to give a matching description (the funnier the better). This will also help you get better results on search engines.

5. Submit to Blog Search engines.Most people search for blogs not on the major search engines, but on blog search engines. So make sure your blog has been submitted to these engines. The more the merrier. Search on google for blog search engines and submit your blog to all of these.

6. PHOTOS ROCK!!!!Face it, most people do search blogs to see something interesting and what best but a photo to give them a 24million color view of something. Yes photos rock, and they do bring in traffic. It kinda gives a coolness to your site. Its like wearing colors while everyone else is in uniform. Most blogging providers support photoblogging, but if you need a place to host photos is a place as good as any.

7. Get original ! Showing others content may bring people to your site, but it would not make them stay. all they would say is . ...."another smartass trying to keep his blog updated by somebody else's work". So keep the blog original with what you would like to say.

8. Publicize!!!I am not talking about banner exchanges ( not only do give free advertising on your site, you also have to put up with ugly graphics that can be out of place on your beautiful site.) Think up creative ways. Get a bumper sticker on your car, your boss's car, your company delivery truck...the works. Another easier option, get it on your company's email signature or atleast on yours.

9. Evangelize!!! No i am not a religious nut and i'm not expecting you to be one. Write stuff that would make people go on and talk about you without you threatening them or paying them. And refer to "the blog" in common discussions, parties etc.... wherever you find people.

10. Ok so you got so far.......on more important thing.Don't expect to find any of the above on my blog, the only reason being, i don't need to explode my blog traffic !!!!

58 Responses to “How to Explode Blog Traffic!!!”

  1. Blogger David 

    That was, by far, the most informative article on blog traffic I've read. Thanks for the tips! I found your blog through "Blog-Exploder" but I stayed a lot longer than 30 seconds. Nice work, thanks again!

  2. Blogger Priya Shah 

    I loved your tips so much that I've linked to them from in post on my blog here You have some great ideas here. I suggest you put them into an article and submit them to article directories. I would be happy to publish it myself.

  3. Blogger Rick 

    Great article. I'll try and utilize this on my site.

  4. Blogger Jozef Imrich, Esq. 

    ... read every article and post a comment about how to explode blog traffic (smile)

    Sandra Cisneros tells us, Write about what makes you different. Your readers want to see the world through your eyes...
    The reader leads me, asking the questions I must answer.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I’ve found a great website for my blog. It automatically list the referrers to my blog. This makes more people link to me.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    smart move, brother.

  7. Blogger Chip 

    Coach, I really enjoyed your article. You have many exciting ideas that I hope to put into play.
    - Chip

  8. Blogger Cy 

    cool stuff, man

  9. Blogger Cy 

    cool stuff, man

  10. Blogger John 

    Great info! And now to evangelize!

  11. Blogger Zuriyel 

    Brilliant, thanks for the info. All I have to do now is get this brain of mine into gear and work on it!

  12. Blogger whosthere 

    Great tips and advice. Thanks! :-)

  13. Blogger Grey Vampire 

    now thats wat i call irony u say blog explosion isnt genuine and u provide an ad of it on ur blog but neways i have com here for traffic so to shake hands my blog is that was a hhhhhhhhhhhhottttttttttttttt comment as the coach says

  14. Blogger Mark 

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  16. Blogger Dossy 

    What blog search engines do you recommend? Would BlogExplosion be more useful if non-members could just submit blogs to the directory and allow non-members to search it?

  17. Blogger Kishion 

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  18. Blogger Indeterminacy 

    I have an additional tip: If you sincerely want to write about something that one of your blog friends is interested in, dedicate your post to that blogger, including a link back to their blog. Not only will they be flattered by the attention, they will probably mention it specifically at their blog.

    Don't just do it with the motive of increasing traffic. Be sincere about it. The traffic this generates is just one of the fringe benefits of being nice. A little good will goes a long way.

    At my blog I write daily one-minute short stories, and some of these I've dedicated to particular readers or blogs that I liked. The resonance has surprised me.

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  20. Blogger Kabbalah Boy 

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    Thanks again

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  44. Blogger Tony K 

    thanks for the suggestions. What about RSS feed? People keep saying that will increase traffic, so I put a couple on my site, but how would I get traffic from that? i'm at

    thanks for any answers

  45. Blogger Brian Parker 

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