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Agreed they visit my blog but what next?

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Well, so you managed to get them on to your site, but how do you make them stay longer especially the Blogexplosion team?

There isn't a surefire answer, but as usual some tips.

First, Content.

Then, Content. Keep them in short interesting paragraphs.

You heard a lot about content by know so lets get into the details.

  1. Get the colors moving, yeah change your layout or atleast your colors once in a while, this makes it look like your blog is having a makeover and will force people to stay.
  2. Get attractive stuff on your blog, stuff like tagboards, cool tools, info stuff on users etc. Most bloggers are no tech experts, and are amazed by stuff like this and they stay longer to check these stuff out.
  3. You can even get your blog a personality stuff like these are liked by first time visitors and they stay on.
  4. Get personal on your site, people want to know what you can contribute so they more orginal stuff you have the better.
  5. Just one final word, people surf blogs to learn something new, to pass on time, to feel better etc, so when you write stuff (not necessarily every word but keep in mind) that you contribute to educate, to motivate, to humor and to exploit your creativity. Blog for the spirit of blogging, don't make it look like you are forced to maintain a blog.

Till my next post Adios!

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