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How to Explode Blog Traffic (Part II)

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Most of you might have read Part I of this article on my blog

In this article I wish to add a few more tips and strategies to explode blog traffic on your blog. Read them and use them at your own risk to attain unexplainable traffic to your blog.

1. Get more Eyeballs to your site.
Simple Logic. The more people see your blog, more are the chances of somebody actually liking and posting a link to it. Mind you, half of my inbound traffic comes from other blogs that are linked to me. How do you do it? Well, for starters I suggest you try BlogExplosion. Though they promise you generous traffic, the actual amount of people who really read your blog are few, but what the heck, its still more exposure.

2. Categorize.
Agreed that you can write good stuff, even lots of it, but the truth is not everybody likes to read everything. Make sure you have different categories for your posts. This helps people to find stuff they like and want to came back.

3. When Headlines do matter.
These aren't the lines on your forehead when you don't see people visiting your blog, what I'm talking about is actual headlines in the news. Yeah, try posting posts that have current media frenzy topics as the subject. As search engines scour the web, they would pick your site as a relevant match and will index you more often.

4. Interactive Addons.
Get interactive stuff on your blog like polls, quizzes, ratings....the works. However, make sure they are simple with choices to make and takes the least amount of time (People shouldn't be calculating E=(MC*MC) for every poll you have.

Also don't have a poll that asks,
I don't normally participate in online polls.

5. Get Visitors to work for you.
Invent activities like nominations, games etc. where your online audience can participate. You can give away prizes, but if you are not in the mood an award will suffice (remember, people will do anything for awards).

6. Search Engine optimization.
Please ensure your title, description and your keywords (in the meta tags) have your blog theme in common. This not only gives you a higher ranking in searches but is the first rule of site optimization. Also don't forget to periodically submit your blogs to the major search engines such as google, yahoo, Dmoz.

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  1. Blogger puppetdude 

    How do you categorise?
    Do you have to have lots of blogs and just link to them?
    or is there an easier way?
    please help

  2. Blogger Kim 

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    Come have coffee sometime.

  3. Blogger Brian Parker 

    Great post deffinately some extra tips that I will consider.

    God Bless

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