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To link or not to link and thats a question!

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Yeah, we come back to familiar territory....Links. Do they work? How do they work? Are they worth it?

The answer to the above questions is yes and in a lot more ways than you can imagine. Links are your signposts for getting more traffic. You are piggybacking on another blog's traffic to get some to your own. Is it good? Yes if the gesture is reciprocated, that way everybody stands to gain.

However do keep in mind, blogrolling and other link software may get you traffic from blogs on other sites, but they sadly not traffic from search engines, cause search engines do not read through javascript, which unfortunately is how blog roll and the like work. So if you want your blog to get better rankings on search engines, then please ask for hypertext links to your site.....and don't forget to return the favour.

You may start by adding a link on your blog and then requesting the favour, please be patient as most bloggers, i do understand are busy people.

Another easy way out is commenting. Yeah its pretty simple, you read a blog you like add a legitimate comment and a link to your blog, that way everybody is happy. But please don't spam comments like there's no tomorrow. Be legitimate and everything else will fall in place.

This tip I like best, write great stuff and people will find you and link to you, like a couple of bloggers who have linked to me and i really do love that, and as my sign of appreciation i really am adding their links here Priya Shah and Deek Deekster. Thank you.

These links do go a long way in getting you great traffic. Just type in "Explode Blog traffic" on or "increase blog traffic" and just see the top two results you get. Trust me you wouldn't be surprised.

And as a passing note I am adding links to this blog so email me!

2 Responses to “To link or not to link and thats a question!”

  1. Blogger SmallOfficeBlog 

    Hey there,

    Love your blog. I've just started my own blog and am doing the research (many, many sites) now on getting visitors. And I must say that your information has helped quite a bit. It's simple, and written in an easy manner and I like your sense of humour (I'd like to get to the level of conversationaly writing as you have mastered).

    Keep posting as I'm hooked on your no-nonsense tips.

    And here comes the shameless plug ;-)


  2. Blogger cwalker3 

    Hi, Thank you for the useful information.. I am going to start a series of sports and music blogs.

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