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Google Scam???


For those of you who have been reading this blog and do feel that its been a while since i have put something up here.....well you're right!!!. It has been a while since I put up something up here! I Have been quite busy travelling around Southeast Asia( we do need some blogging tips from people from that side of the world too).

By the way, I will try to be a bit more regular in my posting from now on. But before we start, i do have a request for my readers. Do you people have google serving you ads on your blog?Are you sincerely making any money out of it at all? I personally do think that this might well be the next eyeball scam of the century.

So please do comment on the above as it can enlighten me and lighten the heavy research (read that as waiting for your comments) that i am currently undertaking.

Kudos until we met on the battlefield of blog traffic.

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